Monday, January 18, 2010

Weedeater Witch poster by GODMACHINE !!!!

Godmachine finally managed to get a print done of this most talked about and loved print. Only 1 per person, Only £14. Printed on natural white stock for vibrant colours. 4 colour print. 18 x 24.65 inches. Signed and Numbered. Shipped world wide.

Who is Godmachine ?
‘Godmachine Lives in South Wales, Uk with his wife, two cats and his beard. Inspired in his youth by skatebording and comics and being self taught, Godmachine has managed to carve a space for himself and make a huge impact on the merch world...and soon everywhere else..’

Featured in Creative Arts Magazine as one of the Uk’s most inspiring emerging artists.

“this dude rules, unnerving design work which is truly a sight to behold.” Rockett Clothing

“when I grow up I want to be Godmachine” Chet Zar

"Godmachine continues to be a powerful force in the merch design scene. Intense illustrations
like no other!" Jeff Finley,

“the most inspiring artist I know, he is the one with the ideas that people copy” Jon Richards

“a pleasure to work with and always delivers 110% on work” Disturbia

"Godmachine consistantly inspires and innovates. Instead of following trends, he plows past the
mundane and creates new ones. I always look at his work to see where others will be a year
from now." Josh Belanger.

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