Friday, January 22, 2010

NEW - O-No Sushi Green Version by Andrew Bell....tasty!

AHHH at last this has been released. Amazing little "sushi" set by Creatures in My Head artist Andrew Bell based on one of his prints! Includes an extra set of eyes so you change the direction the poor little fella is looking (up or down). Packaged in a sushi-style takeout box.

In case you missed the red version; A most delicious taste sensation! As seen on Kanye West's blog, NotCot, Trendspotting and hundreds of other places. The 150pc blue edition sold out within the first few hours of the International Comic-Con and the first run of red sold out in days!

- Standard edition includes figure with articulated arms, legs and replaceable eyes, second set of eyes, 1 piece sushi and 1 bowl of tentacles.

Buy the green at Rotofugi for $25

If you want the green and red edition 3DRetro has both for $25 each

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