Friday, January 22, 2010

Eric Tan LOST poster update

From Eric:

Thanks to all the Lost fans who've been patient and checking in for updates on the poster. I've been trying to get it out asap, but hardcore deadlines at work and the fact that they're sending me to Hong Kong for several days next week will delay it just a wee bit longer. I'd like to be in the states for the sale just to make sure nothing goes wrong and you get the goods on time. I've definitely read all of the recommendations and I'll announce a set date but make it a random time. That seems to be the popular choice. Just make sure your Paypal mailing addresses are up to date. I'll post the site when I return the 1st week of February along with further instructions. Again, thank you to everyone who's checked in and supported the project. And I apologize for not getting the poster out sooner. Your loyalty to the show and enthusiasm for the posters have made me really wish it was an open run that everyone could get their hands on. Here's to hoping another Lost poster series happens.


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