Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malleus OM poster

From Malleus:

Once You restart in printing You cannot stop anymore.
This is the law of the screenprinter. Even more if the screenprinter is a poster artist.
So, in a few days we’ve another poster printed, and we’ve done it all today, 4 colours in one single day.
That’s why we feel a little tired right now.
Anyway, it’s the poster for the mighty OM and their gig in Milano, tomorrow, at Circolo Magnolia.
We’re looking forward to meet Al Cisneros, we’re in contact since years, we met him the first time in Tilburg, at Roadburn festival in 2007. I remember it’s been great to meet him.
Sleep is one of our favourite bands of all times.
When we heard Sleep’s Holy Mountain for the first time (damn, it was 1992, we were all Young!) it was a blast.
Then we looked for “Volume One” and it was incredible.
So, at that time, we could not even think that one day we’d be in touch with our “musical heroes”.
And meeting Al was really great, super nice guy.
So, during these years we did another poster for Om and the Sleep’s reunion print for the gig in London.
Very very cool, we’re very proud of the Sleep poster.
So, tomorrow, we’ll see OM in Milano.

In the final poster there’s also Lichens, the band supporting and it’s at the bottom of the frame.
It’s a 4 colours poster, printed on a light tobacco paper (a really beautiful paper, a new one we’ve never used before).
We’ve printed a first shade with a glittered white going into very light cream.
Then a metallic silver cyan and a gold.
Finally a metallic brown.
It’s come out cool, very cool.
The run will be about 150/160.
We’ll number them tomorrow and the posters will be on sale on our store after the show (so on the 28th of January).

They’ve also printed a really short run on brown kraft glittered paper with only the black ink.
I’ll post some pics soon.

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