Monday, September 13, 2010

Aaron Horkey Midwestern Heart Show Covered x Photos

A piece of glass from the old court house Aaron etched when he was in 10th grade

I went out around Windom and found some things

What an amazing day and experience in Windom. Aaron, his family and the people of Windom were more the gracious and so much fun to talk with and spend the day with. Taking in the art and the city was something all Horkey fans should have experienced. People flew and drove in from all over the country. Lots of local people came by and were amazed at the work. The folks at the Cottonwood County Historical Society put on a great event. A local lady won the variant show print by guessing the number of stars in the the show poster, 4430 or there abouts. Aaron's wife got the job of counting them. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

My internet connection really sucks and it has taken about 3 hours just to upload these pics.

All pics now uploaded, thanks for you patience during this painful upload


  1. Very cool pictures, however they make me even more sad I couldn't go!
    But flying from Europe to windom isn't cheap.
    Hope you had an amazing time.

  2. So happy I got to see you there!

  3. Awesome; thanks so much for sharing! I also dig the non show related pics you took ;)

  4. Thanks for posting pictures! I've been looking for any pictures all day!

  5. Had an awesome time G!!!!! Thanks for taking care of me!

  6. Aaron, when you were a very, very young child I use to give you placemats to draw on (when your parents came to the Driftwood Supper Club) at that young age I knew you were an amazing artist! Thanks for sharing your gift to the world....... Kim Nielsen

  7. Amazing to see such a great turn out in Windom. Aaron is pretty much the whole reason I went to art school. It's great to see how his work has grown. Thanks for sharing!