Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winner of the Mike Fisher-Maximum Fluoride Mystery Tube

Congratulations to Dillon Levi West for winning the mystery tube with comment #24. I sent you an email asking for your address.

One person Aldon Miller thought it would be cool to enter twice with different email address', both of your comments were deleted. I guess I will have to tell everyone only one entry now. Isn't that a common sense thing to only enter once so everyone has a fair chance ? Especially since you won something a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway thanks to Mike Fisher for the posters for the giveaway and to everyone that entered once.


  1. Didn't realize it would be a problem if my wife and I both entered. My apologies, though. I really didn't mean to piss anyone off cause I think what you're doing is great, and congrats to Dillon!


  2. I was originally #21 on the contest and lost due to this guy entering twice and moving down to #19.

    Total bummer for me. Thanks Aldon!

  3. Hey Trent thats not right actually because Aldon won on the first draw. Aldon- both email address' you entered with are yours. One is in your name and the other you answered when you won a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Yes, that is correct. However, one is my personal email address and one is an address that both my wife and I share. Once again, sorry if I pissed anyone off, I really didn't mean to cause such an uproar.