Friday, September 17, 2010

East Attic Greenhornes Poster on sale

East Attic has a new poster for The Greenhornes show at The Basement in Nashville. 17"x21" on black paper. Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and White Ink. Limited to 50 prints.

A little about the creation: After going through several ideas and themes based on their lyrics and interviews East Attic weren't happy with the designs to that point. A friend mentioned an image he saw a few weeks before, saying it just stuck with him. The image is based on a photo / sketch of someone they know that would rather stay anonymous. The dark imagery seemed to fit some of The Greenhornes' lyrics that seem to deal with things coming to an end or being alone. Facing a firing squad definitely spoke to those themes. There are a few images in the print, Ohio's state bird, new album's name, print shop initials and a couple of other surprises...

As a last minute addition for The Greenhornes we did this set of 4 handbills. They are 6"x8" and consist of Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold ink on Black Paper. The handbills are currently out of stock but it is an open edition so expect these to come back out in the shop soon.

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