Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mystery Tubes and Nakatomi Mailing list exclusive today

Get over to Nakatomi and get on the mailing list for a chance to get Anvilles latest Car Series Print. This is a pre-sell, and they’ll print the variants TO ORDER, and any regulars left over will be for sale after all the pre-orders have shipped.

Join the LIST

Mysterious Tube Sale! It's been 5 months since Nakatomi's last tube sale, and they need to clean house!

What you'll get in your tube is FIVE prints from the Nakatomi print shop. It's going to be a total grab bag of surprises, but here's what I can tell you-

Each tube will contain a random assortment of-

Test Sheets, a completely unique print made up of several artists' work piled on top of each other (some double sided!)
No more than 2 ALMOST perfect prints that just didn't make the original run's cut
And the remainder of the 5 will be made up of totally great prints, including some NOT EVEN YET RELEASED!

There will be about 50 tubes made! Look for some surprises! (They found a copy of 'White Dragon' in a tube in the corner of the print shop...that's getting thrown in- stuff like that!) Our last tube sale blew outta here in just a few hours, don't be left out! If you have ordered from us before, we'll do our best to put brand new stuff in there for you! Same if you order 2 tubes!

Buy some mystery tubes HERE

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