Tuesday, September 7, 2010

POP-SUB 7″ print club is HERE! From Nakatomi Featuring Aye Jay, Tim Doyle Michael Munter, Munk One, John Baizley, Jay Ryan, Aaron Horkey and more

The Pop-Sub is an ongoing series of mini-prints, each set having at least three 7″ square prints, packaged in a 45 rpm record sleeve!

This series is put together by none other than AYE JAY- and here it is straight from the horse’s mouth-

” Many a music fan was turned on to new bands via Sub Pop record’s 7″ singles club, so I had a thought… Why not make 7″ screenprints and do the same thing? So here we are, thanks to Tim and everyone at the Nakatomi print labs, I can proudly introduce the POP SUB 7″ print club. Each set will include a couple of prints by me, one by a special guest, and follow a loose theme. Friends that were kind enough to sign up for future suites include Michael Munter, Munk One, John Baizley, Jay Ryan, Justin Bartlett and Aaron Horkey. No lineup or theme info will be given until right before onsale date, and runs will be small. I’m not your pappy, but you may want to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out!
For the first suite (at an introductory low low price!) I chose to do print versions of shirt designs I’ve drawn for shirt companies Shirts and Destroy & Pony Attack. These marry my loves music, comedy and pop culture juxtapozition. I was lucky enough to convince Nakatomi overlord Tim Doyle to add to the funny with a great portrait of my main man Don Rickles. Great work, ya hockeypuck!” -Aye Jay

Aaron Horkey has agreed to have his print somewhere within the first 6 releases, so if you MIGHT want to lock in on this one and get a subscription!
The subscription will bring one little packet of awesome to your door about once a month for the next 6 months- Volume One is available now, or included with the subscription!
Please note- Volume 1 is in an edition of 100- each print is numbered out of 100 and each set is put together numerically. (meaning all 4 prints numbered 38 are together, and so on). That doesn’t mean that each future set will have 100 sets though- some may have much, much less. There will only be 20 subscriptions sold.
Available for purchase HERE.

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