Friday, September 10, 2010

David Choe MACHETE prints on sale today

Today september 10th at 6pm westcoast time, David Choe will be releasing an exremely limited amount of the david choe MACHETE prints, they wil be made in a edition of 66. they are 18 x 24 inches (With Borders) they are printed on the finest quality paper, and will be signed by both danny trejo and david choe, and are $300. All sales on this print will be donated to the charity "CANINE COMPASSION". all orders and emails before 6pm will be disregarded, non-stop harrassing emails will be taken off the list, email prince bobby at 6pm friday at ...bobby is filling orders in the exact order the emails come in , first come first serve. expect at least 3 weeks for delivery. the first 23 orders will come with an extra special surprise mini print.

1 comment:

  1. This print is BADASS, and the money goes to Canine Compassion... great work, Mr Choe!