Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Dead Weather Tour Set of posters on sale today

Don't forget Rob Jones is putting up sets of all his The Dead Weather posters today at 10am Central time.

OPTION 1: 3 payments of $240 each plus shipping. Posters are sent after the third and final payment is made.

OPTION 2: 1 payment of $650 plus shipping. A discount for those who pay all at once

SHIPPING: All 20 posters are 20X26 inches or smaller, so I am able to mail the entire set flat in one shipment.

Each set is wrapped in a mylar sleeve which is wrapped in 2 layers of kraft paper which is wrapped in a corrugated cardboard mailer box which is wrapped in another slightly larger corrugated cardboard mailer box. Pretty much identical to how I shipped the flat portion of the Raconteurs set apart from the addition of the mylar sleeve for added protection.

He'll include a random non-Dead Weather related extra in each set. Maybe a scary clown mini-print, maybe an Oscar Wilde print, maybe an original sketch of Herman Melville singing into a KWKH microphone, maybe an extra French lobby card from my Cruising collection, or something else entirely.

Get them HERE


  1. Hey Rob, in case you haven't heard, times are tough. A lot of dough for clip art.

  2. $32.50 a poster is nothing. Sorry you don't like his posters, they are some top notch work.