Friday, September 10, 2010

You know what today is ...Free Friday Giveaway Time featuring David Welker

Yes it's Friday and it was a good short week. Today we have a hilarious poster from David Welker titled Blinded By Ink, it is the Letterpress sequel to "Poster Geek" which was for a poster show in Miami in '09. It is printed on 600 gsm Crane-letra heavy card stock with a deep letterpress impression with an edition of only 30.

The concept is that the poster geek spent all his money at a poster show and now he can't buy his girlfriend a soda. She's had it with his obsession. She's so over the whole poster thing. Its obviously an homage to Zap Comix and mid 20th century Americana.

Drop a comment about your best Poster Geek experience and I/we will pick a winner. When you leave comment include a way to contact you and I/we will pick a winner on Sunday. If you leave your email address replace @ with (). Comments will be accepted until midnight Saturday. Dont worry about your not showing up immediately I have to approve them

Thank you again to David Welker for providing the poster for the giveaway from the only blog that gives back to the best readers in the world.


  1. I'm a new poster geek, but I'm falling headlong into the hobby. My wife has all ready threatened to leave me twice if "i see one more of those god damn tubes when i open the mailbox". the trick is, to get to the mailbox first!


  2. I'm a poster geek! I'm traveling to Windom for an art show!

  3. I was in Nashville, checking out the little shops/bars, etc... Went into The Hard Rock Cafe, and saw a print by EMEK, an artist I really like... Not only that, it was a Neil Young/Pearl Jam print, HUGE, edition of 10(very small edition, extremely rare print). I actually started to tear up, and the lady working there asked me if I was ok. I had to explain, I really like EMEK and PJ/NY :)

    Another time, I was at a big house party, lots of people, and they had the EMEK Ween/Flaming Lips print from Red ROcks on the wall.. this is the first time I had ever seen it in person, so I had to make the moon glow... I figured if we were all baked enough, I could probably convince everyone to want to see the thing glow. It worked, the owner of the poster had no idea it glowed, that it was so unbelievable, or what it was worth. I then offered him $50, took it to my car, and went home(I wish). It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!

  4. I was recently at a Pearl Jam show, which is a hotbed of poster nerds as it is. I bought my poster and tube and went on my way. I have a great method of lugging posters around at a show, which is by using my wife's yoga mat holder string contraption. Basically, its a cord with a loop at each end. Each loop has a plastic clamp type deal to be able to throw the mat over one's shoulder while its secured at both ends. So as I walk around the grounds with this on, a guy yells to me, "You're on ebeans, aren't you?" and then laughed. I got majorly called out on my poster nerdery. That said, I still recommend the yoga mat cord to anyone and everyone.

  5. i got rid of my last girlfriend that complained about my poster collecting. my latest one seems to understand my obsession (for now at least).

    pos before hos.

  6. Lately, I've had to take on part-time design gigs (something I haven't had to do in 5 years) to pay for my poster obsession. Hopefully it will subside soon, but there's just so much great work out there!


  7. I'm a Poster Geek! Thanks again for the giveaway ITRPF and David Welker!

    pavecchi AT hotmail (.) com

  8. Hi. My name is Jeff. (Hi Jeff). I am a poster geek.

  9. I know I'm a poster geek strictly by the looks on people faces when I start talking about my poster collection.

    tcamp405 AT cox (.) net