Sunday, May 29, 2011

Frank Zio Cal Berkeley National Champions poster

Details from Frank :

So, some of you may know that in another life, by another name, I swam for Cal Berkeley. I had some great teammates and we were always very competitive, but we were never able to attain that elusive goal: The National Championship. Well, this year, and for the first time since 1980, the Cal Men's Swim Team won a national title! I flew out to Minneapolis and had the privilege of being there among over 60 Cal Swimming alumni to watch our boys do what had not been done in over 30 years! Not only that, but I had watched our women do the same thing one week prior, giving us an unparalleled dual-team victory!

Naturally, I wanted to celebrate this momentous occasion in the only way I knew how, by making a rock poster! So here it is, to any Cal fans or collectors of the disordinary. The Cal Swimming Victory Print, complete with the names of all the swimmers and coaches who were part of both of these historic teams.

The print itself is a almost totally metallic foil 5 color silkscreen. It was printed with all the care and dedication that a project of this personal importance deserves. Give yourself a little piece of Victory for $35, shipping included.

If you want one shoot him an email at effzio () Change the () to @ and no spaces.

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