Saturday, May 28, 2011

Joshua Budich Pulp Fiction Poster now

Spoke Art is putting Joshua Budich's Pulp Fiction poster up at 3pm PST HERE

edition of 150
signed and numbered
24" x 36"


  1. another organization fronting on the overplayed movie poster scene.

  2. C'mon Anon, don't you have the balls to leave your name ?

  3. It's a nice poster, very well done but it's way too similar to Tyler Stout's style for me to take seriously. I don't want to talk poorly of an artist because I know how much work can go into something like this but a little criticism can always help.

    I really like the Marsellus Wallace snap shot, probably the best part of the composition in my eyes.

    I would like to note that I was not the first post here, I personally love movie posters and that is what I spend most of my "extra" money on.

  4. Hey Mike Keep in mind though Stout did not create the composition style that he uses all the time. If you look at the old James Bond and Star Wars posters they also include many of the characters in the film. Pulp Fiction has so many great characters its hard not to include all of them. But on the other hand I don't think showing Vincent Vega 3 times and Jules 2 twice is necessary either.

  5. I completely understand that Tyler did not create that type of composition and as much as the clustered comp has become part of Tyler's signature my comment was directed more towards the simple line art used to illustrate the characters. Which Tyler is not the only one to do this but combining the illustration style, composition and the simple two to three color palette, it's hard to not see the similarities.

    And I definitely agree about the multiple uses of Vincent. Not really necessary.