Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matt Gordon Mountain High Art Print on sale

Years (indeed, centuries) before scientists toyed with the notion of an alternate universe or two, there were painters like Matt Gordon who happily envisioned the flora, fauna, and (for want of a better word) that would be found in such new and colorful territories. This work is a perfect example. We have three creatures that fall nicely within the complementing categories of crypto-zoology and psychological archetypes - and with a nice dash of pop-culture referencing thrown in for free.

Some DNA has obviously been thrown into the blender - and thanks, but we'll leave the... species-scramble decipherment to someone else! Is it an advance party of aliens in our neighborhood or a hunting trip on some faraway planet? Who/what is that guy bearing arms and wearing a somewhat worn homage to Hanna-Barbera? Like many artists working in this genre, Gordon is benignly playing with the stuff of matter here and creating lush landscapes enhanced by fresh mythologies. Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

All prints are Signed & Numbered by the Artist and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from 1xRUN.

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