Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jon Smith’s artist copies of LEBOWSKI prints on sale NOW

Last month, hosted the amazing ‘Quentin V. Coen’ art show, and some of the real standouts were these 3 prints by Jon Smith, a tribute to ‘The Big Lebowski’.

Jon is now selling his artist’s copies of the prints, and Nakatomi has many of the ones that sold-out through the gallery now in stock! These Ralph Steadman inspired prints are just killer to behold in person- the printing, the split fountains, and the craftsmanship are stunning. The colors are a’popping, and the Black/Grey/Red variants have that extra Steadman-style punch.

Nakatomi is also proud to announce Jon’s exclusive ‘Donny at Dusk’ edition of 50, ONLY available at Nakatomi.

All of these prints are available RIGHT NOW in the JON SMITH section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

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