Monday, May 23, 2011

David Choe Swamp Girl Art Print on sale details

From the man David Choe:

this is one of the best things i ever drew in my life, and i drew most of it, while i was in the rainforest in colombia earlier this year with the kogi indians, and also while i was high out of my fucking mind.
on June 3rd 2011, 2pm pacific standard time, i will release my next print SWAMP GIRL .
it is 22 by 22 inches, vibrant colors and insane details, it will be an edition of 44 at $223.
also for this print release we will release the same exact print at 44 by 44 inches in an edition of 16 at $555
and for those of you who like something special and are togo (totally goth) we are making a super limited "ash"edition, which is mostly black and white with limited color, in an edition of 9 at $666.
so to sum up any confusion
44 edition-22x22 inch prints at $223
16 edition-44x44 inch prints at $555
9 edition-44x44 inch"ash"prints at $666
all signed and numbered and available from bobby at
a portion of the sales will go to building schools for the Kogi indians.
the prints will take a few weeks to ship , if you harrass bobby before june 3rd, you'll be immediately taken off the list.
today bobby asked me,"hey dave have you ever watched E.T. ? you know the alien movie?
to which i replied "fuck you bobby."
a car with a fat oriental chick cut us off while we were crossing the street,
to which bobby replied"oh shit ! asian kathy bates! did you see that ?!"
as you can see bobby transcends all, but i will leave you with some words, my friend joey kurtzman left for me
“All the ancient traditions agree that you can't find sunshine by steering clear of the darkness. They say the sunshine is blinding and glorious and everywhere, but you can't see it until you stop running from the darkness and instead walk straight toward the center of the darkness, and let it smother you. Only then will you see and feel that there never was any darkness to begin with.
No matter what language they spoke or what continent they lived on, all these fuckers said this.
A more modern way of saying it: denying your fear or fighting your fear or running from your fear will each accomplish the same thing: they will make you a slave, a blind and shackled servant to your fear.
There is only one method for transcending the fears that control you: stop fighting them, stop thrashing to escape them; instead, kiss them, hold them, feel them, make love to them with all your heart. Love them more than you love all the other people in the world. Do this for long enough, and one day you will find that there is no longer anything left to love.
And that day, for the first time, you will have become capable of truly loving another human being.”

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