Thursday, May 19, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE Rhys Cooper From Dusk Till Dawn Movie Poster

Bloodbath Variant

I'll be a lap dog of Satan if this isn't one of the best movie posters ever. And you guys get to see it first !!! Coming next week from will be Rhys Coopers From Dusk Till Dawn movie poster.

Once again they will have a regular and a variant version. The variant is a kick ass idea that Rhys came up with... the 'Bloodbath' variant where he doused 50 prints in some special movie blood he made up so it looks like the poster spent a night in the Titty Twister!! No one bloodbath print is alike. Rhys actually wanted to use his own blood the crazy bastard but TommyGood had to explain to him that customs would not look to kindly to shipping human blood around the world.


From Dusk Till Dawn regular edition
6 color screen print
Artist signed & hand numbered
Edition of 200
Printed by Nakatomi Inc

From Dusk Till Dawn BLOODBATH variant edition
No one print is the same
6 color screen print
Artist signed & hand numbered & blood splattered
Edition of 50
Printed by Nakatomi Inc

Get on the mailing list so you know when these go on sale. I'll let you know as well.

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