Monday, May 16, 2011

New Cosmic Wonder from Frank Zio featuring a Ghostland Observatory Poster

So here we have the latest piece of printed poster preeminence from prince of the press, Frank Zio. Enough of this pointed posturing, on to the particulars!

This poster was created for Ghostland Observatory. It is the second poster done he has done for them, and is compositionally, although not thematically, related to the first one he did for them at the Warfield. He contacted them when he saw they were coming to town, the Regency Grand Ballroom specifically, and they were enthused to have him make them some new art.

When Frank contacted Aaron from the band, he asked him to give him 3 words from which he could begin to formulate their artwork. He gave him six: "Outer Space Native American Peyote Dance." Needless to say, Frank loved this. He spent a sleepless night creating the illustration and layout, and then another sleepless night with his buddy Tony printing this 6 color monster. Its layers are, in order, a deep-blue to bright-blue blend; next an overprint fading from true red to florescent red. Next was his radioactive green for the peyote, the same color he used for "corpse green" in their previous print. 4th was the silver in the ring of dancers and the headline, followed by my glow-in-the-dark ink, which was a first for me. This manifests the dancers in silhouette in the dark, and makes up the outer glow of the peyote planet. Last was the best, richest black I know of. To finish off, he cut all of these in a "Star Wars" style trapezoidal fashion.

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