Monday, May 9, 2011

Olly Moss and His Top Secret ‘Paper Cuts’ Exhibit and interview

Germain Lussier of Slash Films got an inside look and great interview with Olly Moss just prior to his Paper Cuts show opening in LA this weekend.
When people think of a “pop idol” they generally think of someone who is young, talented, had a quick rise to fame and the kind of devoted loyal fan base who’d wait 24 hours on the street to see them. By those standards, and many more, U.K. based artist Olly Moss is now a pop idol. He rose to fame with his extremely popular designs for Threadless, began making insta-sell-out posters based on properties like Lost, Star Wars and The Evil Dead and quickly became one of the most in demand and influential pop culture artists today because of unique minimalist style and obvious passion for the material.

Moss was at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles this weekend to premiere his first solo art show, an event which had been shrouded in secrecy for months. Fans began lining up 24 hours beforehand to have a chance to snag a Moss original and as the opening drew closer speculation ran rampant. What would fans see when the doors finally opened? The answer ended up being not only incredibly brave and exciting, but a reminder that pop culture art is still, actually, art. Titled Paper Cuts, the show featured 300 laser cut, black Victorian silhouettes of pretty much every pop culture character you can think of from movies, television, comics and video games.

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