Sunday, February 12, 2012

Danny Miller The Walking Dead Zombie Posters on sale tonight

Official "Zombies of 'THE WALKING DEAD'" prints

Emmy Award winning special effects artist Greg Nicotero has been a fan of Danny Miller's artwork for some time now. So when he got the official go-ahead from AMC Television to have his zombies turned into a limited edition set of posters, Danny was the first person he contacted. This is a project that Greg really wanted to do and has been instrumental in making happen. And the results are amazing!

"The Zombies of The Walking Dead" is a set of 3 limited edition prints featuring walkers from Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD.

Each print (a run of 400 each and 75 variants) depict the hideous undead in a 7-color silk screen process. The beasts of the hour are:

-The RV walker that stalks Andrea in the season premiere
-The WELL WALKER in episode 5
-The BEARDED WALKER (to appear in an upcoming episode)

This artwork was designed and created directly from photos taken by award winning make-up effects designer and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero on set during production and licensed by AMC!

The size of each silk screened print is 14" x 30" and all prints are signed by both Greg Nicotero and artist Danny Miller. Each print is individually numbered as well!

The cost will be $40 per print (or $110.00 for a set of all 3) plus shipping and handling (pricing on variants is still TBD)

These prints will be available 10:30 PM EST on Feb 12th at to coincide with the mid season premiere of THE WALKING DEAD.

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