Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Justin Hampton Dressed to Kill Art Print on sale details

Purple Variant

From the vaults of 2008 comes a never released and long requested art print. This print was originally designed for an art print series that didn't work out and the prints have been sitting in Justin's poster vault for 4 years aging like a fine wine. They're in mint condition like the day they were printed.

The exercise from an artist standpoint was to create a Noir Pop Art print in the tradition of Roy Lichtenstein. He appropriated romance comic book pages of the era making them into large oversized art prints emphasizing the blown up dot pattern from the comic page enlarged to a size it was never meant to be. This piece is from a panel of a comic story Justin created, so rather than "borrowing" from a comic book artist he is riffing on his own work.

This is an oversized five color screen print on 100 lb stock measuring 20" by 36". Signed and numbered in an edition of only 150 copies.


On sale Friday, February 24th Noon PST HERE

There is also a purple variant with an edition of only 35. If you want that one send Justin an email

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