Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoltron Die Antwoord San Francisco Poster On Sale Details

So when Zoltron was invited to create poster #150 in the Goldenvoice/Firehouse series, he broke out his 80's hardcore flyer collection and got to work. The iconic yolandi photo source was captured by heavyweight afrikan photographer/artist Roelof Petrus Van Wyk, whose project on the identity of south african youth is certainly thought provoking.

When Zoltron first saw the video for Zef Side (see below) a few years ago, he had to watch it 67 times in a row. He was enamored with the band's extreme level of radness. They are post apartheid south afrikan culture... and Yolandi looks like a sex gelfling. I Fink U Freeky

Chuck Sperry and Zoltron printed the posters together at the Firehouse in West Oakland.

There are two editions:
Blue show version
february 22, 2012. regency ballroom, San Francisco.
22" x 28" - 5 color silkscreen. matte cougar paper.
poster #150 in the esteemed Goldenvoice/firehouse series.
artist signed and #/150.

Blacklight Orange variant
february 22, 2012. regency ballroom, san francisco.
22" x 28" - 5 color silkscreen. matte cougar paper.
artist signed and #/15

Both posters go on sale today at 11am PST at

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