Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mondo x JC Richard's John Carter cosmic movie poster for IMAX midnight shows

There are few special-effects films that arrive at theaters with more history than ”John Carter” — the title character, after all, is celebrating his 100th anniversary this year – and by all appearances director Andrew Stanton and Disney underlined the word “epic” when they approached this ambitious (and expensive) project.

A movie with that much heritage and heft deserves some special fanfare — and that’s just what “John Carter” is getting with this totally cosmic commemorative Mondo poster by the very talented J.C. Richard. The poster will be given out free to those devoted fans who are so eager to visit Mars that they attend IMAX midnight screenings in the first hours of March 9. The offer is good only while supplies last, and you should check the soon-to-be-posted list on IMAX’s website to see if your nearest IMAX theater is among the select sites participating in the giveaway

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