Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jay Shaw Bullhead Movie Poster for the Academy Awards and Mondo

The third Mondo Academy Awards Poster has been revealed. Jay Shaw has huge love for Polish movie posters. They're adventurous, experimental, and abstract, and so Jay Shaw decided to try that for "Bullhead." I'll let him explain what he did.

"The first Polish film poster I ever saw was tacked to a wall in a video store. The poster featured a very loose illustration of a pink human ribcage with eyeballs protruding from the middle. I asked the clerk about the poster and when he told me it was a Polish piece for the movie 'Alien' I fell in love. I got home and spent the entire evening researching eastern European film art. I saw that a lot of my favorite films had a Polish poster created at some point. Blade Runner, Vertigo, Christine; all beautiful works of Polish poster art. What fascinates me about that school of design is how loose and surreal their interpretations of films are. It's almost like they're illustrating a dream about the movie rather than the movie itself. Polish film posters get me excited to see films in a way very few American posters do. The distillation of complex subjects into a single image is an extraordinarily effective method of artistic communication. I try very hard to approach each project I work on with that in mind."

On sale Sunday during the Academy Awards at a random time at

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