Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greg “Craola” Simkins and Joe Fenton x LAMINATE Kulture artist collaboration.

A unique project designed to expose the undiscovered international art scene, discovering new artists and up and coming creatives.
Covering 10 different countries/cities this 10 month journey of exploration will be presented and directed by locals in the know. They will capture it all; from the rawness of street art to the intrigue of the underground art scene. ETA - May 2012

Tune in to weekly Video Blogs, presentations and interviews. Follow their presenters as they spend the day with real life cult icons.

To cap it all Laminate Kulture will be holding its own art exhibition/presentation in every country/city. Helping bring attention to some of the best-unseen talent at every opportunity.

Funds raised from sales goes towards supporting the Laminate Kulture series.

Support the project and receive a free copy of Laminate Kulture series Including Exclusive - Images, Interviews and Extra footage - after the 10 month tour.

You can also follow the series online. Website live soon: LAMINATE KULTURE

They have new prints by Greg “Craola” Simkins - "The Goblin Whale" Size: 420mm x 594mm Edition of 100.

Also Joe Fenton-"Pride" Size: 420mm x 594mm Signed and Numbered. Edition of 100.

All the prints are giclee on 280gsm paper

Buy them HERE

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