Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Know What Dude Poster by Derek Gabryszak on sale

Derek's latest poster is for comedian Robert Kelly's podcast called You Know What Dude! Last week he did his first live show with the podcast.

Bobby was put in touch with Derek through Danny Ross from the Opie and Anthony show and wanted to do prints for his first live show. Derek and Bobby worked out the design (which Derek thinks any O+A fan would approve of) and Danny helped Derek print. The show was great and will be up (at soon. Posters went quick at the show, but Derek has a small run of remaining prints available through his site. Danny also has a few, and Bobby will get any he has left up through his site.

The posters are 16"x20", 3-color prints on 100lb. Starch White, French Speckletone paper, and were an edition of 135.

On sale now HERE

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  1. That episode is up now!