Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More FREE Tim Doyle Blade Runner prints !!!

The last time Nakatomi gave prints in this series away, it was a secret, and a lot of people had no idea they were getting these guys.

So this time, for the next two in this series of freebies, they’re giving you fair warning.

Each of these 2 prints measure 9×24 and feature a split fountain. Each one is signed and numbered in an edition of 200 by the artist, Tim Doyle. They’re throwing in one of these prints into each and every POSTER order going out the door while supplies last.

A Couple notes- NO, they can’t put both into a tube for you. NO, they can’t sell them to you separately. NO, this is not included in a t-shirt order (it has to be a print that goes in a TUBE). YES- you can request which one you want in your order, and as long as they have inventory, they will accommodate you, but no guarantees.

And in the name of GOD- don’t pay $150 for this set of prints like this poor jerk did already on eBay HERE these are supposed to be FREE!

So for approximately the next 300 orders, they will have these, so come and get ‘em- order a print you were on the fence about, a print as a gift, or any of Nakatomi's new releases shown below and you’ll get one of these beauts!

GO TO NAKATOMI GO NUTS, origami animals not included

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