Sunday, February 12, 2012

Facebook artist David Choe endures New York media blitz see how he did it in animation

David Choe — the graffiti artist who stands to make more than US$200 million from the Facebook IPO after choosing stock options over cash when asked to paint a mural in the company's first offices — was in New York City this week to meet with the media. He sat down with such heavyweights as Howard Stern, Barbara Walters on ABC's Nightline — and of course ... Next Media Animation.

Choe quickly became disillusioned by the mainstream press, passing up offers to speak with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He instead chose to meet exclusively with staff at NMA's New York office. Not trusting anyone else to tell his story, David collaborated with us on this animation about his time spent in the city.

Ever the affable renegade, Choe says he'll disappear for the next few months to stay out of the sudden and intense spotlight. But should something happen to him per chance, NMA will be sure to report on it.

Behind the scenes video with Barbara Walters talking about happiness and the Dalai Llama .

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