Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chuck Sperry Blink 182 Poster

Blink-182 - 20th Anniversary poster #5 - Chuck Sperry" screen printed poster.  The fifth installment of the limited edition Blink-182 screen printed posters to celebrate 20 years since the alien-baby-birth of your favorite band, BLINK 182!!

A new classic, Designed by artist CHUCK SPERRY ( ,Scientists are now claiming the mayan calendar predicting the end of times this december, was inspired by the poster you see here. effectively, this poster is so GOOD, the world cant take it! Now it all makes sense. Well Earth, FUN WHILE IT LASTED!

Limited edition numbered 1-182, ONLY 182 of these were made! Once they sell out, they are GONE, FINITO, SAYONARA.

On Sale HERE