Friday, May 25, 2012

Mystery Tube Sale of DOOOM From Nakatomi

 Details from Nakatomi and there are a lot of them:

We haven’t had a Nakatomi-Wide tube sale since November, and man oh man, the dam is ready to BURST!  We’ve made some pretty strong proclamations in the past about our tube sales, but the early press on this one says it’ll allow you to see the golden city of the raptors at the center of the sun, command the dead to walk, and make YOU the half-time show at the Mayan Apocalypse/Superbowl in the year 2112!  (Please note, you might not actually want to stare at the sun- consult your medical professional.)
This time around, we’ve got some exclusive variant editions of some of our past prints that we’ve been sitting on going into the mix, along with a bunch of other gems!
Starting at 2pm CDT on FRIDAY (tomorrow), we’ll have ONLY 150 tubes for purchase for $50 each. Each tube will have 5 RANDOM prints in it-all suitable for framing. Some are considered ‘scratch/dent’ in that there’s minor printing flaws or a ‘soft’ corner, but nothing that won’t frame out. 
One print in each tube will be an exclusive never-before-seen print by Tim Doyle that will never be available anywhere else! We’re going to keep the image under wraps so you won’t know what it is until you open the tube- BUT, the last few prints in this series seem to be popular!  (Warning, those links contain evidence of people flipping prints!) This print will be limited to 150 copies, making it the lowest edition one of the whole series.
You are welcome to buy as many tubes as you want, but you will receive a copy of the exclusive print in each tube. One tube per order- we cannot combine shipping- as we can only fit 5 prints in each tube!
On to the goods!
Exclusive variants! These are prints that we’ve had around for a while, storing them up for a tube sale like this! We’ve got a Black and White variant of King of Crabs (edition of 2!) A super-small run metallic gold version of Doyle’s ‘Tesla’ print, and a metallic white paper editions of Russ Moore’s ‘The Hero’s Triumph” (only 10 printed) and an edition of “The White Dragon” printed on the same stock (edition of 17!)  None of these print editions were ever available elsewhere, and won’t be available again.  Every copy we have of these prints are going into this sale!
“Unreal Estate” Scratch prints!  Just about EVERY print from the Unreal Estate art show at SpokeArt in February was printed with a split fountain (the fade in the sky) and split fountains can be tricky to get just right. SO- we have about 80 of these (spread across 10 different images) that were just not perfect enough to make the cut, but too pretty to trash. Others are perfectly fine except for a little ‘ink drop’ in the border here and there.  The regular editions of these sold out crazy fast on the SpokeArt AND Nakatomi sites, and this is your last chance to get ‘em from us!
Test Sheets! The first 100 orders will each receive a totally awesome and unique 18×24 test-sheet with each order! A test sheet is like 4 posters flying at your optic nerve at ONCE!  My personal favorite is that one in the bottom right, the two split fountains from SpokeArt’s Robocop print by Doyle stacked up like a playing card- awesome! Or the Kwik-E-Mart with the metallic skull and Jon Smith’s Rocky Raccoon floating ghost-like in the clouds! Here’s a better look-
Tears in the Rain oversized!  We have 25 of these going into this tube sale- originally a timed- release print, we printed a few extra AP’s to cover losses and damages in shipping, and had a few not make ‘the cut’ (if you look in the bottom right of the photo, you’ll see an ‘ink smudgie’ on a couple).  This print sold originally for $100, and we’re putting all our extra copies into this tube sale!
Wood/ Metal prints!
We’ve got 8 metal and wood prints that some lucky customers will get! Obviously, these will not ship in a tube- these orders will ship FLAT via FedEx or International Priority USPS, depending on where you live.  Also- if you are one of the lucky few to get one of these, you’ll also receive some of our one of a kind Chipboards prints!-

These chipboard prints are one-of-a-kind- we print on chipboard to test the screens and ink-mix when printing, and man, sometimes they come out looking great!  Since they’re on chipboard, they don’t roll too well, so we’ll be putting them into those lucky flat-packed orders.  We have about 20 of these this go-around!
This is only a small selection of what’s going in these tubes, with plenty more surprises!
With all this awesome, your odds of striking gold are PRETTY DANG GOOD.  Please note- you are free to make requests in the ‘special instructions’ field of the check-out page, but that is not a guarantee that the request can be honored! If you order more than one tube on successive orders, say so in the order itself and we’ll do what we can to cut down on duplicates!
5 prints, $50- you can knock off gifts for 5 people all at once, letting you cruise into birthday/holiday/apocalypse season with no worries!
Get your clicky fingers ready- we’ve never had a Nakatomi tube sale NOT sell out- we’re announcing the exact time of the drop as we don’t want to waste you people’s time waiting for a random drop. (Who has time to wait in front of your computer all dang day anyway?)  We will tweet the link as soon as it’s live through our TWITTER FEED HERE, or you can just be here at 2pm Central Time in the ART PRINTS section of the store!

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