Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tonight's Primus Poster from Pittsburg by Stanley Mouse

 Tonight's Poster by the Legendary Stanley Mouse ! 5 color, hand printed silkscreen, 100 of which will be available at the show... and remember folks, a misspelled city makes for a very cult & collectible poster :)


  1. Isn't that supposed to be Pittsburgh?

    I can tell Stanley is from the Bay Area here in California, because out here we have a Pittsburg, although there's no way Primus and Gogol Bordello would ever be playing a show there.

  2. In support of Stanley I decided to spell in the same way. You can see the PA on the poster for Pennsylvania

  3. I dig it, misspelling or not and would love to own one!!=dk

  4. Fail!!! It's Pittsburgh!


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