Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saber Large Lino Flag Triptych On Sale Now

Details from Saber :

I produce these flags for a few reasons. I believe in egalitarian art—art for the masses. In this current era of constant technology and mass reproduction, I wanted to bring art back to a simpler time. These flags were not produced on a computer or by a machine. They are done individually with care and precision to create one of a kind works that are still affordable, allowing people to become art collectors who might not think they could ever afford hand-touched works of art.

I understand that my fans have gotten me where I am today, and I don’t want to run away from their support. For those who are able to afford larger works of my art, I thank you, but I will never step away from people who are just like me, trying to live a comfortable and meaningful life. Much like Claes Oldenburg did with his Store, I want to blur the line between fine art and consumer art, and my flags are just the beginning…

Each one is
 * Edition of 50
* Linoleum print w/hand touching
* On 6\\\" x 8\\\" Archival Paper
* Numbered and dated on back, and signed on front

The flags come in red, green, and blue and are available here


  1. Egalitarian my arse ... $85 for this ... "On 6\\\" x 8\\\" Archival Paper" which makes the image about the size of a postcard? I am misses something here for "the masses"??!!

  2. Do you even know what lino cut printing is and the time and effort that goes into it ? These are all handmade each and everyone

  3. Yes I do know about lino cut printing and have multiple examples in my collection. I just thought this was overpriced and overhyped as to the marketing that we should feel grateful to own one of his pieces at such an affordable price. Just not my cut of block, I guess. Anyway, thanks for posting my opinion either way.