Friday, May 25, 2012

OPENINGS: Red Bull House of Art Detroit

Red Bull House of Art Grand Gallery Opening and The Inside the Rock Poster Frame Street Team has the pictures for you to enjoy.

Red Bull House of Art is giving artists the chance to spread and flex their creative wings. Built out in the E & B Brewery Lofts in historic Eastern Market, Red Bull House of Art provides artists with the foundation (literally) needed to showcase their work on a global stage, without interruption.

For the past eight weeks, Red Bull House of Art has given eight artists the tools, time and space to create, explore and refine their craft. Selected by curator Matt Eaton, each artist works in a slightly different medium from Crystal Vinson’s encaustic-infused photography to Ben Saginaw’s ancient ink-and-pen nib drawings, back through Keri Mortimer’s abstract take on industrial landscapes and Franklin Jonas’ geometrically and mathematically stunning laser-cut metal sculptures.

The gallery built out directly below the artists’ dedicated workspace in E & B Brewery Lofts is stunning and like no other. Built in 1891, Red Bull House of Art blends traditional New York-style gallery space with raw, cavernous rooms unique to Detroit’s rich architectural history.

 Some of the artists work space with built in coolers full of Red Bull of course

 Mark Sarmel

 Sorry I dont know why this is turned

 Jeff Risk

Keri Mortimer

Ben Saginaw

Matt Gordon, who has another print with 1xRun coming soon

Franklin Jonas The Star Project yes this is two walls filled with over 300 of them

The space the gallery resides in is enormous and not like those little closet sized gallery's in LA and New York. Matt Eaton's efforts have really paid off in bringing a brilliant gallery setting to Detroit, something it has been lacking for a long time. Matt who said he had not slept in like 49 hours leading up to the opening was extremely pleased with all the hard work everyone put into it. The results show the dedication and hard work all the artists contributed to make it an amazing show. All the patrons that showed up enjoyed the setting and as well, the gallery was packed all night long. The show will be on display for the next two months with the remaining art for sale online soon.

E & B Brewery Lofts @ Eastern Market
1551 Winder St.
Detroit, MI 48207

Gallery Hours for Memorial Day weekend are:
Friday - 10am-3pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
Monday 10am-3pm

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