Monday, May 21, 2012

Chuck Sperry Psyck Italia Tour 2012

Details from Chuck Sperry of his tour of Italy:

Psyck Italia
9 x 31
3 colors on acid-free, textured paper
Edition of 125
Signed and Numbered

This poster will be available on my tour – I’ll make an online release when I return home June 15.________________
(I’m leaving on an Italian tour – I’m shipping Black Keys posters before I go – of course!)
In 2006 I was offered by Centro Sociale Leoncavallo, 1000 square meters build a print studio. I worked with printmaker Marcelo de la Hoz. I lived in Leoncavallo, built the studio, found ink, paper and supplies, made great friends with the kind people of Leoncavallo – and started making rock posters. I lived in Italy for a year. It was a super cool time!
After six years, the print studio I left to Leoncavallo, has been populated by a new and energetic group of artists who have joined Marcelo to make great art at Leoncavallo! The print studio is alive and well, so that’s a great cause for celebration. I’ve been invited to join in a celebration of the art being produced at Leoncavallo, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – May 25, 26, 27 – this coming weekend.
Since I was making the trip to Italy, it seemed a great opportunity to see old friends and do some fun stuff. After Milan I’ll go with my friend Giampo Copparoni to Torino for an art show together, with Guitar Wolf and Bob Log III playing. From there to Pisa, to make a show at the banks of the Arno River, for opening night of Cafe Leningrad’s Argini e Margini spot – a beautiful outdoor venue – complete with beach and bar / restaurant. My great friend Dome La Meurte will DJ.
Next to a poster show in Santa Croce sull’Arno with Italian Poster Rock Association – IPRA – with many many of Italy’s best and brightest rock poster artists in attendance.
I’ll follow this with a visit to Genoa, to the Taxi Driver Record store, for an expo and printmaking workshop – events in Genoa will last for three days. And to add to the awesomeness, Kepi Ghoulie of the Groovie Ghoulies is going to join me in Genoa for an art show and acoustic rock set. Kepi is an old friend from Sacramento, and it’s a huge surprise to have the opportunity to run around with him in Italy.
I’ll go to La Spezia next, together with Kepi and Sara Twinn and Massimo Perasso of Ghandi’s Gunn to enjoy an art show together with Kepi Ghoulie at the Club Shake run by Peawee’s front man HervĂ© Peroncini.
Here’s a breakdown of the schedule:
May 25-26-27 • “Evolution Goes On,”
Centro Sociale Leoncavallo, via Watteau, Milano
May 29 • Guitar Wolf • Bob Log III • Poster Expo by Chuck Sperry
United Club, corso Vigevano 33, Torino
June 1 • 6 pm • Argini e Margini 2012 Opening Party •
Chuck Sperry Rock Art Show • Dome DJ Set • BroadCash
Argini e Margini, Lungarno Galilei, Pisa
June 2-3 • 4 pm to 10 pm • Italian Poster Rock Art Expo 2012 •
Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa
June 5-6-7 • Chuck Sperry Postermaking Workshop & Expo •
Taxi Driver Record Shop, Genoa
June 8 • Kepi Ghoulie and Chuck Sperry Art Show •
Club Shake, La Spezia

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