Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matt Leunig's 1986 NES inspired print

 Matt was asked to create a print for the “In the Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture“ show last month. For this show, artists were chosen and given the task of creating a piece that represents nerdom from your past.  The piece he created is a 6-color (18′ x 24′) print entitled, “1986“.

Matt on how he created the print : I spent many a night sitting in the dark w/ the glow of the screen entranced by one NES game or another.  It was a big part of childhood.   My favorite toys were all there.  Looking at current state of geek culture I feel this year in particular had a major effect w/ its toys, games, movies, etc.

 His artist proofs that are signed and numbered are on sale now HERE

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