Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Angryblue's New Project Ouisch and the first print

Welcome to the first release by Ouisch. This started because someone spilled some unicorn blood into a copper bowl. Typical cliche' love story with atypical results.
Ouisch is an experimental company releasing clothing, art & worse, but mainly used as a vehicle (trainwreck) to produce a lot of stuff by Will Ragland & Angryblue. It is a living project. Fear it.
Now that the spooky stuff is out of the way:

Curious is 18x24, 2 colors and a run of 150 Signed/Numbered by Angryblue. Some are more black. Some are purple. A few are on white paper as opposed to cream. What you get is a mystery. They all have a gloss pattern on top.

Buy it HERE

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