Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Xiu Xiu and M Ward Posters by Doe Eyed Design

 Doe Eyed Design has released a couple of cool looking new posters.

M Ward Poster
As part of the Sasquatch! Festival poster show, they were asked to create a poster for M. Ward’s performance. They came up with this colorful, summery pinwheel…that upon closer inspection is actually a flock of colorful song birds.

 Xiu Xiu Poster
This poster was created for Xiu Xiu’s recent stop at the Waiting Room in Omaha, Neb. They decided to illustrate a nasty kitty cat based on their lyric “I’ll always be nicer to the cat than I am to you” and wrapped it all up with an 80s pink and black color scheme.
Also available as an artprint.

Buy them HERE

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