Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hydro 74 Enya and Muerte Posters on sale

Hydro 74 was recently invited to be part of the Warner Bros Gig Poster art show that features faux gig posters of each of their artist. You may ask yourself ‘why Enya’, his answer was easy, why the hell not. She’s a amazingly talented artist and revolutionized a style of music. Not only that, he thinks she’s amazing. Instead of going the traditional route expected, he did a Game of Thrones meets Enya hybrid.

• Printed on Bright White French Paper
• Series Limited to only 100 prints
• Size: 18" x 24" (a standard frame size)
• Ink: Dark Brown and Gold
• Each print is signed, numbered

 It was time for Hydro 74 to get his hands dirty and do some DIY (Do It Yourself) Prints. In this event he created a set of prints with overlayed artwork from two of his most recent pieces. Each piece is unique since his silk screen set up is just two jiffy clamps and a big board. Prints will contain ink run off, smears and spots that got too much ink. Imperfection was what he was hoping for as he printed these to assure each piece would be unique.

• Printed on 100lb Bristol paper stock
• Series Limited to only 40 prints
• Size: 18" x 24" (a standard frame size)
• Ink: Magenta
• Each print is signed, numbered 

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