Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blink 182 20th Anniversary Poster of the Month for June by Dabs Myla UPDATED Artist Edition On Sale Details Added

 Dabs Myla are the artists for the sixth installment of the limited edition Blink-182 screen printed posters to celebrate 20 years since the alien-baby-birth of your favorite band, BLINK 182!!

On sale today at a random time HERE

Dabs Myla sent me an email regarding when they will be selling their edition along with the picture

The artist edition will be the purple one which they will be releasing tomorrow the 21st June at 1pm PDT, it's an edition of 100 and they will be available for $40 each plus shipping in their STORE HERE

UPDATE: There was a  little mix up this afternoon between the Blink 182 folks and Dabs Myla the edition they are selling will be the purple one


  1. Any word on the chuck sperry artist edition of his blink 182 poster?

  2. If you keep an eye on chuck's site, you should see it there first

  3. he just updated about it (sperry did)

  4. I am kind of confused. The picture you posted as the artist edition is the same picture that Bompa used to sell the band edition. I'm assuming it is their error.

  5. Yes it must be since the pink one was taken from the blink facebook page and the orange one was sent to me by Dabs & Myla