Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tonight's Pearl Jam poster from Manchester by Tara McPherson and Jeff Soto

Correct color from Jeff Soto

Pearl Jam announced the artist lineup for the European tour posters as the Vs. Series and said there would be collaborations. Here is the first nights poster done by Tara McPherson and Jeff Soto for the show in Manchester England. Good to see them changing things up once again and have teams of artists doing the posters, this should really yield some great work.

Here are some of the other artists doing posters for the tour
 Munk One
Chuck Sperry
Ames Bros
Todd McFarlane
Brad Klausen
Frank Kozik

Added a picture of the flag since I think it's dope as hell

UPDATE Jeff Soto sent over the correct color image of the poster. Leaving the crazy bright one up so you can see the detail

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