Friday, June 22, 2012

Isle of Wight Festival Pearl Jam Poster by Rhys Cooper and Ken Taylor On Sale NOW

Wholly cow this is an amazing poster for the Pearl Jam show tomorrow at the Isle Of Wight Festival. Done by the the most amazing artists from Australia Rhys Cooper and Ken Taylor . Those of you going are very lucky.

On sale now at 10 Club for members only

 The reason the Isle of Wight poster is available is due to the fact the island has been hit with roughly 4 inches of rain since Thursday and the bands management did not want people to be bummed out that they would buy the poster and get it damaged in the mud, rain, and wind. The reason they will have to print fresh posters for people is because they are afraid that anything that they end with from the show will be damaged by either mud, rain or just the dampness in the air after sitting out for what will be 4 days during the festival.

 There has been so much time and effort put into this special series (They started last December) that they really just want everyone to have the best possible item. I for one applaud them for their efforts

Check out this video from the island


  1. The poster is up for sale at Pearl jam website. Only club members are able to purchase the poster