Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tonight's Pearl Jam Poster from Amsterdam night 2 by Ames Bros and Wes Humpston

Pearl Jam is at the Ziggo Dome again tonight and Ames Bros and Wes Humpston did the poster. Some of you maybe asking who is Wes Humpston. Wes Humpston was the original artist to draw and design "DogTown Skates" before it was "Dogtown Skates." In the mid 1970's Wes worked at the original Zephyr Surf Shop and he like so many others credit C.R. Stecyk III and Jeff Ho as mentors. Wes went on to co-found DogTown Skates and copyright the name with original Zephyr team rider, Jim "Red Dog" Muir in the late 70's. Wes now operates BullDog Skates AND continues to do original drawings on boards for serious collectors.

On sale at Ames Bros  June 28th at 12 PM(noon) PST.


  1. This is just plain fugly

  2. Another Dud from Ames Bros...

  3. Why is Amsterdam so noticeable and Pearl Jam is small/hard to find?