Monday, June 25, 2012

Angryblue Mystery Tube Sale NOW

Details from Angryblue :

I have a stack of stuff choking up my flat files that i need to get rid of. Time to clean!

When printing, I will sometimes change up the color or paper or try a split fountain or do something goofy towards the end of the run to make it different. I usually end up with 10-20 variants I don't ever do anything with. Or when I sign/number posters, some of them have registration marks or are slightly out of registration - so they don't make the cut because of imperfections. Sometimes, I'll just do a few blackline plates just to see how it looks. The majority of these are not signed or numbered.

I usually mean to make these available, but I never do. There is more available than those shown below from various runs over the past few years. Enjoy the hunt and good luck ...IF YOU DARE! [Insert awesome Vincent Price laughter]

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