Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tonight's blink-182 poster from Birmingham England by Danae Cendejas

 Danae Cendejas is another one of the new artists added to the blink-182 European Tour Poster Series. She did the poster for the show tonight in Birmingham England. On sale details to follow. Good looking first time gigposter.


  1. Want 1! Best gig I've ever been to! When can I purchase one?

  2. I had lunch with Danae the other day in Southern California and she told me she had a few left. Try going here before they are sold out. The are numbered 1-182 and Signed by her. You can even have her make a personal comment too!

  3. Been following this gal's work for some time now!! She keeps getting better and better!!! Seen the other posters that been made for the Blink-182 tour this year...this has been by far my fav!!! I hope she still have some in stock...