Monday, June 25, 2012

Rhys Cooper Game of Thrones Call the Banners Wave 2 On Sale Details

*AVAILABLE 26TH JUNE for a limited time release*
"Call the Banners" series. - WAVE TWO

Based on the HBO series Game of Thrones these banners represent the Coat of Arms of House Lannister (Hear Me Roar) , The coat of arms of House Greyjoy (We Do Not Sow), and Coat of Arms of House Targaryen (Fire and Blood).
This is for the second lot of 3 of the regular edition banners in the series.
What is dead may never die!.
Each banner print is 12 x 38 inches print on heavy art paper stock 04 colors with metallic inks. All prints signed with matching edition numbers. Edition size will be partly determined by pre-order demand.

On sale HERE June 26

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