Monday, June 18, 2012

Ian Millard Matchbox Series 1 Prints On Sale Details

The latest release from is Matchbox Series 1. Six vintage matchbox/hotwheels on 10"x8" stretched canvas. Editions of 20 signed/numbered canvases created with 8 hand cut stencils and spraypaint. The Matchbox series 1 canvases will be sold for $50 each shipped or you can purchase a set of all 6 for $275 shipped. Anyone who purchases a set of all 6 gets a special 7th canvas of a surprise matchbox car for free. The set of 6 canvases will be available Monday June 18th at 10am Mountain Time USA. The individual canvases will be available Tuesday June 19th at 10am Mountain Time USA. Check them out below...

I love this series my Ian and cant wait to see what is next. These also come ready to hang

On sale HERE today 

80's Van

Fireball 27

Ford Fairlane

Heavy Chevy

News Van

Wrecker Truck

Set of Six

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