Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tim Oliveira Dea del sole Print Release Details

Plexiglass Edition

Tim Oliveira has new print dropping on Friday. Dea del sole is a tribute to the iconic Raquel Welch.

The print is a 3 color screen print with 3 different editions and each one is 19 x 25 inches.

The regular edition is 50 signed and numbered, date stamped on back
Price.....$48 with free shipping in the US
Plexiglass edition: 7 plus 1 a/p, signed and numbered, price $65 each, with free shipping, only shipping to USA

A/P edition: limited number, signed and numbered, date stamped on back, Price...$43 with free shipping to US

On sale at  on Friday 6/29/12 at 3pm EDT


  1. Love the plexiglass idea...but WOW, you sure do lose a lot of definition. I'd love to buy it if it had turned out better, but it kind of looks like crap.

  2. I'm not certain, but I think what you're seeing is the wood grain showing through the print. There's a pic on the artist's site with a piece of white paper under the print and you don't see all the weird lines.