Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking Bad Breaking Gifs Poster Series Chart 9 revealed by Dave Perillo

Yesterday over at Slash Film let a little something slip out. By now many of you have seen the poster being released in short while by Dave Perillo on the Breaking Gifs website. I could have went ahead and posted the info and image of the poster like I'm sure others did, but out of respect to Germaine I did not. I think by now you know I premier stuff here first for you guys more than any other poster art blog. I for one understand the pain Germaine went through, you press the publish button instead of the schedule button and son of bitch it's out in the wild. So I would rather bring you my faithful readers stories and info with integrity and respect rather than just trying to be first with none of those attributes behind the work I do.

Now the new Breaking Bad poster by Dave Perillo titled Emilio's Disposal. It is 18 x 24 with an edition of 300 and only 200 for sale today. I love it, Dave nailed a crazy scene.

Fans following @BreakingGifs who went to The Hundreds in either New York or Los Angeles today got a limited edition t-shirt. They were also tipped off to the latest URL: That’s where you’ll find this poster for sale very soon.

 Also, an article in the New York Post mentioned that this series will continue through September – the end of the show’s latest, upcoming season, and will have some kind of major reveal at San Diego Comic-Con of a 17th poster to the series.

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