Monday, November 19, 2012

Acedia print by Jeremy Geddes Release Details

Jeremy Geddes new print “Acedia” will be available on his website on Tuesday 20th November at approximately 8am Melbourne time.

There is a regular print for $290 AUD (includes packing and postage). The print image is 94cm wide and 50cm high (paper size 104cm x 61cm). The edition is limited to 375 prints and only one per person. It fits into a standard plan press, but it’s a squeeze and is the biggest regular print they’ve done!

Click here to purchase Acedia (regular)

There is also a large print for $1200 AUD (includes shipping). The print image is 170cm wide and 90cm high (paper size 187cm x 112cm), limited to 15 prints. One per person. It’s super long but can be framed under standard sized acrylic.

Click here to purchase Acedia (large)

Please check your time zones. As a guide, this is Monday 19th November at 1pm in San Francisco, Monday 4pm in New York, and Monday 9pm in London

The purchase button will be uploaded when the print is available and will appear in the top right corner (it is a black purchase button, not a typical paypal button). Please hit F5 to refresh (if this fails, ctrl F5 will reboot the cache). If all else fails try viewing in another browser!

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